Puyallup Riverwalk Trail East

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The Puyallup Riverwalk winds along the banks from near Sumner to part way down River Road toward Tacoma. Parking is available at several locations, but are all difficult to find without a map, which you can find on Puyallup city website. This small lot is situated under Highway 512 of a small side street.

This is our first chance to ride the two Catrikes together.

The east and west segments of the trail are not yet connected, but 
easily  traversed on a few blocks of back steets.  The east segment 
begins under the freeway.
After a few S-curves, the trail moves to the river bank.
Good pavement and few trail users allows you a
chance to speed up in places.
Deciduous trees mean the trail is open to the sun in cooler seasons and shady
during the summer.
In time, the Riverwalk Trail will connect with the Foothills and Interurban Trails.
This end of the eastern segment is only about a mile from the Foothills Trail.
This bridge at the end of the trail connects Puyallup with Sumner.  There is trail access here, 
but no parking.
We return to the parking lot  after a refreshing ride.