Proofreading is generally considered to be a mind-numbing task, except by those of us who are extremely detail-oriented.  Essentially, proofreading entails inspecting a “completed” document with a fastidious eye, correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word usage.


Copy Editing:

          Copy Editing includes all of the elements of Proofreading, as well as a thorough examination of the content of the document.  I pay attention to consistency of voice and style, check facts, and offer suggestions for rewording and other creative changes. 

How could I write this more clearly or eloquently?

Would the writer/narrator really be saying this, in this style?

Does this contradict something that was written earlier?



          Writing involves taking a project from its conception to its final form.  Many projects involve research, and all projects, whether informational, promotional, persuasive, or “fun,” require a clear knowledge of the message and the audience.  For those of us who love to write, the joy and satisfaction come from taking on the unique challenges of each project, creating a final product with our own words, and conveying a message that reaches the readers.

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