Okie Rumble XI, September 2007

Quick link to: the flight there, On the Mats at Okie 2007, & the flight back.

Flying from JFK to OKC

Fly right over the Rockaways then cut through New Jersey; change planes in Houston, TX for the connecting flight to Oklahoma City which takes exactly 1 hour zero minutes, both coming and going.

R9140752.JPG R9140753.JPG R9140754.JPG R9140755.JPG R9140756.JPG R9140757.JPG R9140758.JPG
R9140759.JPG R9140760.JPG R9140761.JPG R9140762.JPG R9140763.JPG R9140764.JPG R9140765.JPG
R9140766.JPG R9140767.JPG R9140768.JPG R9140769.JPG R9140770.JPG R9140771.JPG R9140772.JPG

At the new hotel, time to hit the mats!

Touch down at Will Rogers World Airport, and after a short jog, arrive at the new venue for this year's Okie Rumble, which is the airport's hotel. Not counting the rough-housing in the parking lot, first match is about five minutes after checking in. ROFL
R9140773.JPG R9140774.JPG R9140775.JPG R9140776.JPG R9140777.JPG R9140778.JPG R9140779.JPG
R9140780.JPG R9140781.JPG R9140782.JPG R9140783.JPG R9140784.JPG R9140785.JPG R9140786.JPG
R9140787.JPG R9140788.JPG R9140789.JPG R9140790.JPG R9150791.JPG R9150792.JPG R9150793.JPG
R9150794.JPG R9150795.JPG R9150796.JPG R9150797.JPG R9150798.JPG R9150799.JPG R9150800.JPG
R9150801.JPG R9150802.JPG R9150803.JPG R9150804.JPG R9150805.JPG R9150806.JPG R9150807.JPG
R9150808.JPG R9150809.JPG R9150810.JPG R9150811.JPG R9150812.JPG R9150813.JPG R9150814.JPG
R9150815.JPG R9150816.JPG R9150817.JPG R9150818.JPG R9150819.JPG R9150820.JPG R9150821.JPG
R9150822.JPG R9150823.JPG R9150824.JPG R9150825.JPG R9150826.JPG R9150827.JPG R9150828.JPG
R9150829.JPG R9150830.JPG R9150831.JPG R9150832.JPG R9150833.JPG R9150834.JPG R9150835.JPG

Fly back via the same route; sky is clear so get a good view throughout; Houston area a little smoggy, then see visible boundary between day and night up in the air again. Pilot says temperature is 16° at around 30,000 feet. Taking the Staten Island ferry home, its message board has an amusing bug which displays its PC's garbled BIOS boot display for everyone to see.

R9160837.JPG R9160838.JPG R9160839.JPG R9160840.JPG R9160841.JPG R9160842.JPG R9160843.JPG
R9160844.JPG R9160845.JPG R9160846.JPG R9160847.JPG R9160848.JPG R9160849.JPG R9160850.JPG
R9160851.JPG R9160852.JPG R9160853.JPG R9160854.JPG R9160855.JPG R9160856.JPG R9160857.JPG
R9160858.JPG R9160859.JPG R9160860.JPG R9160861.JPG R9160862.JPG R9160863.JPG R9160864.JPG
R9160865.JPG R9160866.JPG R9170867.JPG

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