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Alice the Burrito Lady (Closed)

7018 Doniphan Dr.
Canutillo, TX

Alice the Burrito Lady in Canutillo, Texas

It might seem logical to think that the best and most authentic Mexican food would be found in the most obscure, hole-in-the-wall places, but not all small restaurants have the best food. In the case of Alice the Burrito Lady, it is definitely obscure-- I did not even notice it until I passed by after dark and saw the "open" sign. Moreover it is not really a restaurant-- it is a take-out burrito place with a few seats for dine-in. However, being "authentic" does not qualify it as one of my favorite places to eat.

The first issue with Alice the Burrito Lady may be that you have to order the right thing. Most of the burritos are made with various types of beef-- not something I order very often. I wanted to try the chicken mole burrito, but they did not have any. Ditto with the pollo a la Mexicana.

I tried a Green Chile with Cheese Burrito-- it had good chile and excellent cheese, with rice added, but I thought it was too spicy to make a good meal. It was also very greasy.

The Chile Relleno was so greasy it made an impression on me as possibly being the greasiest one I had ever eaten (and this includes quite a few in Ciudad Juarez). There may be some people who think this is the way a chile relleno should be prepared, but to me the ones prepared "New Mexico" or "El Paso" style are generally better than the greasier ones representative of northern Mexico border cuisine.

Alice the Burrito Lady has restaurants in Sunland Park and Las Cruces, and the food I tried here in the "main office" may not be representative of the experiences most people have. Overall, though, I was pretty disappointed. It was like a lot of "street food" in Mexico, but not the kind I really want to eat.



Cuisine: Mexican Chihuahua
Cost: $
Additional Locations: 3651 McNutt (Sunland Park, NM); 925 S. Main St. (Las Cruces, NM)
Smoking: No Smoking

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