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Ay Cocula (Closed)
4130 N. Mesa St.
El Paso, TX

Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
(also at 1435 N. Lee Trevino)
21 Mexican
Smoking: No Smoking
Serves Breakfast
Best Items: Tacos, Chiles Rellenos
Tacos al Carbon:
Chiles Rellenos:
Flautas: chicken
Red Enchiladas:
Baked Potato:
Refried Beans: , Rice:
Chips: , Salsa:
10-Oct-06 2
Ay Cocula is one of the large and growing number of authentic Mexican taquería restaurants that seem as if they were picked up and moved from a working class neighborhood somewhere south of the border. In the case of Ay Cocula, that neighborhood would be somewhere in the state of Jalisco, the origin of the cuisine featured here.

Ay Cocula is known for its meat dishes such as Parraillada for four people, Tacos al Carbón, and just about all forms of beef and pork.

The beef Tacos al Carbón seem to live up to their billing as one of the restaurant's specialties. Served with charcoal broiled chunks of meat on a soft taco, the garnishes add the required flavor for an authentic Mexican taste.

Chiles Rellenos were surprisingly good, since they seem to be so hard to perfect at so many restaurants in the city. The ones here had a less than average amount of grease, authentic Mexican cheese in the middle, and no sauce on top to distract from the flavor. The best part, though, may be the chile itself--it was not too spicy but flavorful, and not too tough.

The Red Enchiladas were a disappointment with almost no sauce and some type of strange flavoring, but the seemed quite authentic when compared to ones I have eaten in Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

The Flautas shared the same strange flavoring I noticed on the enchiladas, but the sour cream and guacamole were good. I also appreciated the fact that the tortilla shells were not overcooked.

The rice and beans were good but not exceptional.

Baked Potatoes are smothered in butter (actually it tastes more like margarine), and seem to be baked the old-fashioned way instead of being microwaved.

The chips were quite good with a homemade flavor. Two types of salsa were served--a dark one was great for eating with chips and a red one was good for pouring on the taco.

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