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Crawdaddy's Bar and Grill

212 Cincinnati Ave.
El Paso, TX
(915) 533-9332

Crawdaddy's in Kern Place

Note: At the time this review was written Crawdaddy's had a second location at 9100 Viscount Boulevard on the east side. The Viscount restaurant is now called The Bayou Cajun Grill, but I do not know if it is affiliated with Crawdaddy's.

Crawdaddy's is one of the many bars along Cincinnati Avenue that is open late and caters to college kids. It has the distinction, though, of being the only place in El Paso that serves Cajun food. I wouldn't call this "real" Cajun food-- it's more like Cajun style that is probably done the best they can in the middle of the desert.

I know there is much better Gumbo than is served here, but I have enjoyed the ones I have ordered.

I don't think the beans, rice and other dishes are anything special.

Over the years, though, I have agreed with others I know who think the Blackened Catfish is probably the best choice. The "blackened" crust is not very spicy, but the fish is pretty tender and is about as good as you will find in El Paso.

Although the bar is the main part of the establishment, the food is at least decent (especially by the University area standards), and is different than the typical El Paso fare. Since the city outlawed smoking in bars it is now a pleasant place to eat.

The only problem will be finding parking, especially late in the evening (and when I have driven by the Viscount location it has been even worse).



Cuisine: Cajun
Cost: $
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Beer

Most Recent Visit
Feb. 4, 2005

Number of Visits: 6

Best Item
Blackened Catfish

Special Ratings
Blackened Catfish: