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La Cascadita (Closed)
4532 N. Mesa St.
El Paso, TX

Cost: $$
Hours: Open daily except Sun. dinner
17 Mexican
Cooking Oil: Vegetable
Smoking: No Smoking
Best Items: Mole Enchiladas, Enchiladas Suizas, Caldo
Enchiladas Suizas:
Mole Enchiladas:
Beans: , Rice:
Chips: , Salsa:
17-May-05 3
La Cascadita is representative of the mom & pop cafes found on the back streets and in the colonias throughout the State of Chihuahua, thus you could say it is the real Mexican food. It will not impress you as being gourmet; it is more the Mexican version of diner fare, where people go to find comfort food rather than the best version of tacos or enchiladas.

For lunch La Cascadita provides the most traditional form of comfort food--the Comida Corrida. This includes caldo de res (soup with beef brisket) or pollo (chicken) as the appetizer served with rice which is normally dumped into the soup for more flavor and texture--really this is almost a meal in itself. The comida is then followed with the main course, which will be different according to the daily specials being offered.

One of the specials of the house is the Enchilada Suiza dish, consisting of enchiladas with puréed green chile and chicken. This particular version is made with an ordinary tasting yellow cheese that seems as if it was purchased at the local discount super market (a real shame, when some of the Mexican cheeses are so delicious). La Cascadita had an ownership change in 2005, and while the previous owners included sour cream on the enchilada, the new owner does not (and although I still think the green chile is good, I do not think it is very special or anywhere near as good as the green enchiladas that are available in Las Cruces).

I liked the Enchiladas Enmoladas (mole enchiladas) served by the previous owners, but I have not tried them recently. The ones I ordered were a little bit on the sweet side, and had the right flavor and texture to serve as an example of this classic border dish.

The previous owners offered traditional Mexican drinks--lemonade, horchata (a rice drink), and melon (canteloupe) when it was in season, but I have not seen these at the new place.

While La Cascadita used to be very cheap and above average in food quality, it is now probably higher than average in price. The food quality is not that different, but the "extra treats" do not seem to be available (such as sour cream on the enchiladas suizas, horchata to drink, and caldo served with dinners instead of just the comida corrida at lunch time).

I like the fact that vegetable oil is used, and it might still be good for lunch, but I think there are better places for dinner.

The chips and salsa were one of the biggest disappointments with the "new" restaurant--the chips were greasy and even though two types of salsa were served, neither was very exciting.

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