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Lil' Paradise
212 W. Main St.
Fabens, TX
(915) 764-0444
Cost: $
Hours: 6 a.m. to ??? (at least 9 p.m.)
19 Mexican & American Cooking Oil: Vegetable
Smoking: No Smoking

Serves Breakfast
Red Enchiladas:
Chile Verde:
Chips: , Salsa:
10-Aug-05 1
Lil' Paradise opened in 2005 in downtown (if you can call it that) Fabens, and seems to be filling a great void in the town by operating a restaurant that is neither a fast food franchise nor a taco joint. Lil' Paradise is a clean, family style restaurant in which the kitchen is open to view and the owner runs back and forth between cooking and waiting tables (although she does have some help on the table waiting). The walls in "Little Paradise" are decorated with palm trees and tropical scenes, and I was told the reason it is Lil' instead of "Little" is that Fabens is such a small town they had to choose a smaller name (I like it already that they have a sense of humor!).

As is found in many small towns, this restaurant has a mostly American menu, but the Mexican section has all the standard items. Regardless of what you order you get chips and salsa, so I figured I might as well go with the Mexican menu. I asked for recommendations, and I was told that the Chile Verde was probably the specialty of the house. I am trying to eat a little bit of meat from time to time, and the chile verde burrito I ordered would normally overwhelm me with the amount of meat it contains, but I will have to say that I was quite impressed with both the beef and the green chile. The meat chunks did not contain a single discernable bit of gristle or fat, and the green chile was quite flavorful.

The Red Enchilada I tried was also quite good, but I would say about average for the El Paso area.

The chips had some sort of strange seasoning sprinkled on, but nevertheless were good, and the salsa was very good and on par with some of El Paso's best.

This is a very nice cozy (small but not cramped) little place where the food is made from scratch (and therefore takes a while to serve) with a very nice owner. Steaks, seafood, breakfast items, and really all kinds of items are available. Based on the food I tried I would suspect that none of these items would be the best in the El Paso area, but nearly everything should be of very good quality that would make a satisfying meal.

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