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Puerto Rico Restaurant (Closed)
11040 Montwood Dr.
El Paso, TX

Cost: $$ 17 Puerto Rican Smoking: No Smoking Best Items: Rotisserie Chicken, Beans
Rotisserie Chicken:
4-Aug-05 4
Although I had eaten at Puerto Rico several times a number of years ago, a recent visit to a Cuban restaurant, Café Mambo, gave me a somewhat different perspective on this general style of food. If these restaurants are any indication, I would say that Cuban food is more upscale while Puerto Rican has larger quantities of starchy side dishes (although I think these are more characteristics of the individual restaurants than of the two types of food).

At Puerto Rico the Rotisserie Chicken is advertised as being the specialty of the house, and I have always enjoyed it. My latest meal, though, came with a majority of dark meat with very little white meat, even though I had asked for white meat (and they had indicated that it would be prepared for me). It took a long time to prepare the order (a good sign, since that means the chicken is not pre-prepared). The chicken had a good flavor, was moist, well cooked, and was covered with some pretty good spices, but I did not enjoy the dark meat flavor.

The side dishes did little to improve the meal--in fact I thought Café Mambo had much better ones. The beans were the best of the side dishes served at Puerto Rico, and along with the yellow rice, garlic bread, and the portion of the chicken I liked, were enough to constitute a meal to which I would give thumbs up.

Puerto Rico is also much less expensive than Café Mambo, and that enters into the equation, but I would not come here expecting great ethnic dining.

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