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Savino's Italian Restaurant (Closed)
9449 Montana Ave.
El Paso, TX

Cost: $$$ 20 Italian Smoking: No Smoking
3-Nov-04 1
El Paso seems to have a great number of Italian restaurants that are almost top-notch, but are lacking in flavors that are so exceptional that they make me want to return at every possible opportunity, as I would at some of the great restaurants in other cities. I was fairly impressed, though, by the food I tried here.

The waiter suggested that the chicken marsala was a "must try," but I have had such bad luck with marsala at other restaurants I decided to go for the Linguini Pomodoro Fresco--pasta with a basil tomato sauce. The flavor and quality seemed to be in the top tier of El Paso Italian restaurants.

My main complaint was the fact that salads and drinks were quite expensive to the point that I did not think the price was justified. The restaurant itself is kind of a dump compared to most Italian places, and I really felt uncomfortable with the small tables lined up together in a row.

Service was good, but I wish they had taken more time to explain the items (although the pomodoro fresco was good, I think I could have made a better choice).

I feel a little uncomfortable making a definitive rating and review of Savino's from a single visit, so maybe I will be able to return and try some other items.

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