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Sunset Brewery and Pizzeria
4176 N. Mesa St.
El Paso, TX
(915) 532-2700
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
17 Pizza Smoking: No Smoking Best Item: Pizza
23-Nov-04 1
Sunset Brewery and Pizzeria pretty much serves one food item--wood fired 9 inch pizzas. With toppings such as spinach and artichoke hearts it can be very interesting trying the different combinations, and all come on either traditional white pizza or pizza with red sauce.

The Pizzas are really comparable to Ardovino's, but I think these are better. It may be because they are wood fired, but these pizzas do not leave you with a heavy, greasy aftertaste. One thing I do not like is that the red sauce pizzas have very little sauce. Although the toppings are quite good, I would like a little more to the pizzas.

The other part of the equation is the drinks--Sunset has a microbrewery as well as some imported beers. You can order a small sampler set of each of the microbrews in one-ounce glasses, and through this means I was able to determine that there are really no exciting house beers here.

To me one of the most notable features is the service, or lack thereof. El Paso is not known for good restaurant service, the strip of Mesa near UTEP is below average for El Paso, and Sunset Brewery is among the bottom in the area. It's not that anything really bad will happen here, it's just a lack of service. (The first time I tried to go to Sunset Brewery I walked out when I did not get served).

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