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Wyngs Restaurant (Closed)
122 S. Old Pueblo Rd.
El Paso, TX

Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
24 Mexican
El Paso
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Full Bar
Best Item: Fajitas
Beef Fajitas:
Chicken Fajitas:
Flour Tortillas:
Chips: , Salsa:
12-Jul-06 6
The village of Ysleta, now part of the City of El Paso, is the most historic and one of the most interesting areas of the city. Home not only to the centuries old Ysleta Mission, it is also the location of the Ysleta del Sur Indian Reservation, the southern branch of the New Mexico Isleta Pueblo south of Albuquerque. The Ysleta Tribe has operated a cultural center and restaurant for years across from the Ysleta Mission, although recent attempts to create a casino have run afoul of the Texas Attorney General's Office.

Wyngs Restaurant has seemed to go through various stanges along with the Tigua Tribe. Originally serving novelties such as Indian fry bread and some pretty mediocre Mexican food, I think it has improved quite a bit in recent years along with the Tigua's attempt to create a world-class resort. Although the proposed gambling center never materialized, the restaurant and bar seem to be designed to attract as many tourists as possible to the cultural center and somewhat limited gambling establishement. This includes serving high quality food, drinks, and desserts. I would almost call Wyngs El Paso's version of fine dining.

The special of Wyngs is Fajitas. I had heard that they were good here, but being a somewhat strict vegetarian for a number of years I had never tried them. When I was ready to finally "take the plunge" I was somewhat skeptical, since I usually find that meat is pretty generic and generally not as satisfying to me as a well prepared vegetarian dish. The fajitas at Wyngs, though, left me in total amazement. I ordered a combination plate of beef and chicken, thinking that if I really wanted to test them I needed to try both. The Chicken Fajitas were more tender and flavorful than any of the several very good ones I had eaten in other restaurants. The Beef Fajitas were just as good, and were far above the rather ordinary tasting beef I usually find in El Paso. In fact, I thought they were better than the chicken in the sense that they were so tender, while the chicken did contain a few pieces of fat and gristle (but nothing to the point that I would recommend against ordering it).

A bowl of Guacamole and Pico de Gallo served with the meat was freshly made and turned a very good meal into an almost unforgettable one. This was a classic guacamole that I do not think could be made any better in Mexico. The pico de gallo was flavorful and not too heavy on jalapeņos--an excellent topping to the fajitas.

The freshly made Flour Tortillas were a perfect compliment to the other ingredients for making my own tacos out of the fajita meat with the guacamole and pico de gallo topping. This was truly one of the best Mexican food meals I have had in El Paso.

A fried ice cream dessert at another table looked as good as the meal I ate, but I did not have room to try any more food.

Unfortunately my only experience with Enchiladas has been the mediocre ones I have eaten in the past, but I suspect they are much better now.

A bonus here is the dollar draft beer and five dollar pitchers served from the bar and available any time the restaurant is open. In fact, the bar seems to be as popular or more so than the restaurant.

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