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Ming Court
9188 International Dr.
Orlando, FL
(407) 351-9988
Cost: $$
Ming Court web site
22 Chinese

28-Feb-03 1
Located in the heart of the tourist area of Orlando, visitors could do a lot worse than going to Ming Court. Like Siam Orchid the restaurant has put a lot of effort into the décor. Large glass windows allow a view of the outside gardens, and the restaurant makes full use of the semi-tropical climate for a pleasant setting.

Also like the Siam Orchid it seems geared toward providing a leisurely meal and does not recognize that there are some people on a time schedule. When I went there was a miscommunication between the waiter and the chef so that the wrong item was cooked, and they did not make a timely attempt to rectify the matter. When the food did come it was delicious, though, and was the quality of food I was expecting at a rather upscale restaurant.

I would classify this restaurant as a "fine Chinese dining experience"--one of the more enjoyable ones in the Orlando area. Ming Court did not offer things I recognize as home style Chinese food such as Cantonese style soups or the type of food found in west coast Chinatown districts. For "banquet style" dining, though, there was a lot from which to choose. Many Americans are used to ordering an individual plate, but this was the type of food that could easily be shared among all the diners at a table so that each could receive the maximum flavor experience from a variety of dishes.

The menu was not particularly adverturous, but in terms of flavor it was pretty good. For a "tourist" restaurant I think it was a lot better than I expected.

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