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Siam Orchid Restaurant (Closed)
7575 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL
(407) 351-0821
Cost: $$$ 21 Thai

25-Feb-03 1
This upscale Thai restaurant has a very beautiful décor, and coupled with high prices is what could be called a "tourist" restaurant. Although the food has a very good flavor, it is oriented more towards American tastes than the restaurants that are very spicy.

Considering that it is not totally authentic, the prices here are really out of line with what you receive. The appetizers are the worst offenders, with such tiny portions served that they are hardly worthwhile ordering.

In my admittedly limited experience the service was also striking for its absence. It was very strange to be left "stranded" with no service for long periods of time, especially considering that my party went early before the rush of customers.

The food was flavorful, but I would say in a more "Americanized" way. I sampled several items, but none were very spicy, and most seemed to be lacking in some of the traditional Thai cooking ingredients such as fish sauce, spices, etc. It could be, though, that we just did not order items that should be cooked this way.

I was pretty impressed with the Ginger Tofu I ordered, though, and even though it tasted sweet, I was very happy with it. I just look for other things to balance out the sweetness, which this one had.

The quality of the food was such that I would be willing to give Siam Orchid another try for some more "authentic" dishes. What I probably would not do, though, is expect great service, and I certainly would not order any more appetizers.

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