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Historic Headwaters Restaurant (Closed)
105 S. Main St.
Three Forks, MT

Cost: $$$
Hours: Closed Mon. and Tues.
25 American Smoking: No Smoking (except on outdoor patio)
24-Jul-03 1
Three Forks is famous for being at the headwaters of the Missouri River and on the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition two centuries ago. It is also accessible to Interstate 90 between Butte and Billings, and at the rate things are going may become known as the location of one of the best restaurants in the area.

Historic Headwaters Restaurant is located in the center of Three Forks. Judging from the crowd on the night I went, there have to be many more patrons than come from this small town. These people were not sitting passively, as I see in most restaurants, they were adamant that they had just experienced an exceptional meal, and the main topic of conversation was about which dishes provided the most memorable experience. (After all, this is in a small town, and people are just naturally more friendly and prone to conversation in these parts).

It is no wonder that people were pleased by the food--it is made with all natural and mostly local ingredients. This means that the menu can be somewhat variable with the exception of certain meat items and other foods available all year. Like everything grown in the Northwest, you can expect the ultimate in freshness and flavor when in season.

In fact, I would say the chicken dish I sampled was not as impressive as the salad and vegetables. An entire meal could be made with the vegetables that are served, although several vegeterian entrées are also available.

Since food is cooked in small batches, they do tend to run out of items, but everything is good quality so don't fret too much if you have to make a substitution.

The desserts are not to be missed.

Although the restaurant is expensive, it is not as much as you would pay for similar quality in a large city. More importantly, the quality is similar to that found in large cities (it just doesn't have as much variety on the menu).

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