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Hong Kong Chef
2009 Brooks St.
Missoula, MT
(406) 549-6688
Cost: $ 24 Chinese
Hong Kong
Tea: Jasmine (bags)
Yu Shiang Tofu:
Cashew Chicken:
24-Jul-03 1
Missoula seems to be an enclave of Asian food in a part of the country where there is otherwise little variation from American restaurants. With the choice of eateries available in this university town, I was originally thinking about going to one of the local Tai restaurants. Finding Hong Kong Chef, though, not only satisfied my craving for Asian food, but I think it was the quality of Chinese food that is usually found only in large cities.

Hong Kong Chef is located in a suburban shopping center in the southern part of town, away from the Interstate highway. It looked from the outside as if it would be the typical Americanized Chinese food normally associated with this type of strip mall. What I discovered, though, was some of the best Chinese food I have had anywhere.

I was able to order Yu Shiang Tofu, a dish I have seen on very few menus, and it was excellent. The sauce tasted as good as the ones I have experienced in some of the very good big city Chinese restaurants, and the quality I found here was quite unexpected. It took a little bit of time to prepare, and it was obvious they were not interested in serving Chinese "fast food," but quality dishes that would be suitable at a Chinese banquet or other special occasions.

My dining companion ordered Cashew Chicken that came with a light sauce that is not normally served in American Chinese restaurants, but is the more authentic Hong Kong version of this dish. The restaurant seemed more than willing to accomodate the customer's tastes to prepare dishes a certain way, but with the skilled chefs here I think I would usually go with their "default" style.

Hong Kong Chef was open during the off-peak dining period, had a comfortable dining room, and great service. If you love quality Chinese food, this place is really worth a try.

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