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El Bruno's Restaurante

6448 Main St.

Cuba, NM

(575) 289-9429

Photos of the Old Restaurant

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Gil Garduno  of Gil's Thrilling Web Site  reported that on June 9, 2006, El Bruno was consumed by a fire which destroyed the very best New Mexican restaurant in northern New Mexico. Gil's review of the restaurant makes a convincing argument that El Bruno's is a state treasure that will live on in people's memory, even if the restaurant is forced to close because of the fire.

El Bruno's reported that it reopened in September 2006 across the street in the old Frostee Freez. The good news is that the food is the same as before, with a few additions such as Seattle's Best Coffee, home made pastries, and hard ice cream.

In April 2006 (about a month before the fire) I was able to take the following pictures that show what a great loss occurred with the destruction of the old building. I was intending to sample the food and write a review on my return visit to New Mexico, but the fire occurred by that time and the restaurant was closed. Now that the restaurant is back in operation, I definitely hope to make a return visit.

View of the old El Bruno that was destroyed in a fire    El Bruno

El Bruno Patio View of the patio   

This mural was located on the patio in front of the bar    El Bruno Mural

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