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A Taste of Europe Restaurant (Closed)

1300 Main St. N.

Roswell, NM

Mini Review

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One of the most interesting restaurants in town is A Taste of Europe at 1300 N. Main that would probably be easy to miss even though it is on the main highway near the Convention Center. I ate there a number of years ago while driving through town, and I do not remember much about it except that it was good. It also has a reputation for serving surprisingly good food that most people do not expect to find in southeastern New Mexico. I remember it having some pretty common Italian dishes, as well as some more unusual ones from eastern Europe. The fact that it is still in business after a number of years says quite a bit.

A Taste of Europe in Roswell    A Taste of Europe in Roswell, NM

Entrance to A Taste of Europe The restaurant's entrance hints of the food inside   

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