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Brief Reviews of Mexican Restaurants in Oklahoma

Restaurant Rating Type Last Tried Heat Index Comments
Restaurant Rating Type Last Tried Heat Index Comments
A & T Garcia's
409 W. Reno
Oklahoma City, OK
20 Tex 1984 This is probably the best Tex-Mex restaurant that ever existed in Oklahoma City. It had great burritos and enchiladas, with real flavor instead of the standard Tex-Mex fare. It was a real shame to see it close, and nothing else this good has come along that I know of.
La Hacienda
2403 Falcon Rd.
Altus, OK
15 Gen. 2001 One of the few places in Okla. with red chile enchiladas, but they are not spicy.
905 N. Main
Elk City, OK
6 Tex. 2001 The low rating is not because of bad food or lack of freshness, but a total lack of resemblance to genuine Mexican food. I did not find the correct sauces or flavors. It was pretty much just a cheese dish.
8445 N. Rockwell
Oklahoma City, OK
15 Tex. 2002 Way too expensive, and somewhat disappointing the last time I went. Still interesting, though, because of having red and green chile enchiladas.

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