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Boulevard Steakhouse

505 S. Boulevard St.
Edmond, OK
(405) 715-2333

Boulevard Steakhouse's reputation as the most expensive and the best restaurant in the Oklahoma City metro is not without merit. Although my budget does not allow a comparison of many restaurants in the "fine dining" category, my experience growing up in cattle country has convinced me that few steaks could be better than the ones served at Boulevard Steakhouse.

Reservations seem to essential, even on weeknights. Although the restaurant usually seems to be full, it does not feel crowded. If you want to skip the atmosphere and just have a good steak, Cattlemen's in the Stockyards will deliver excellent quality for the money. Boulevard Steakhouse, though, provides all the pampering with food, service, and atmosphere necessary to enhance a special occasion such as the one being celebrated on my inagural visit.

At countless Oklahoma restaurants, and even ones in other states, the salad seems to be something you order to tide you over until the "real food" arrives. The salads here, though, are one of the primary reasons to come. The waitress suggested that I order the Spinach & Pear Salad, and I thought this action alone merited an especially generous tip. The flavor of this salad has probably not been equaled by any other I have experienced, even on the west coast. The dressing was the highlight, although I think its beauty was that it enchaced the flavors of all the other ingredients. The pear slices were fresh enough as to not detract from the overall experience, but the spinach and nuts seemed to be the most enjoyable aspects of the salad. I really cannot overemphasize the "wonderfulness" of this experience, but I must move on to the other dishes.

Crab cakes
The crab cakes went almost too quickly to take a picture

Since dishes are served a la carte, customes can order what they want, split entrées, and supposedly save money by not paying for items they do not want. The problem is that most things are so good they are hard to resist. While salads seem to be exceptional here, patrons may want to try other items such as Crab Cakes (these are not listed on my take-home menu and may be seasonal). While most seafood dishes are best near the coasts, the crab cakes at Boulevard were pretty good for the Heartland.

Split order of filet mignon
Split order of filet mignon cooked medium, asparagus, and potatoes au gratin

Filet Mignon seems to be the restaurant's signature steak, with only prime quality meat being served. The one pictured in the photo is actually a half order that the staff graciously split so that I could enhance the dinner experience by not eating as much meat and ordering more side dishes. A half order was enough to enjoy the rich flavor, and to appreciate the skill used to cook the meat perfectly as ordered.

The Filet Tips and Mushrooms is a variation of the filet steak that includes a delicious sauce that has only been equaled in a few of my experiences such as Alys' Fireside Cafe in Walsenburg, Colorado. I prefer the pure steak experience without the sauce, but I am glad I was able to sample this other dish to make a comparison. The Mashed Potatoes that come with the dish are about as good as you can find anywhere.

Fresh Asparagus with Hollandaise was good but the sauce was not something I particularly enjoyed. I got spoiled on fresh asparagus when I visited Minnesota during the summer, and getting it out of season or when it has to be shipped from out of state just does not compare.

Au Gratin Potatoes really seemed almost like a monstrosity, and totally out of character with the other superb dishes that were served. It seemed as if the chef "tried too hard" on the potatoes with lots of garlic and flavors, but they did not come together for me. Although the mashed potatoes sounded like a more generic dish, they actually had a more gourmet flavor than the au gratin version.

The dessert was probably the next best aspect of the meal besides the outstanding dishes already mentioned. I do not have a dessert menu and do not know the name of the dish I sampled--I just know it had excellent strawberries and other fruit as well as fresh cream and a light, flaky crust.

The stereotype about Boulevard is that you should either bring a credit card or lots of cash. I did feel that the most expensive items were the best, so I cannot complain about the prices. This is one of the few restaurants in Oklahoma that is on par with some of the finer restaurants in other parts of the country. It is doubtful that many restaurants in other states, though, serve steak of the same quality as those that are served here.

The desserts are not to be missed
The desserts are not to be missed

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Cuisine: Steaks & Fine Dining
Cost: $$$$
Hours: Open Daily (dinner only)
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Extensive wine list

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Dec. 28, 2006

Number of Visits: 1

Best Items
Filet Mignon, Filet Tips, Spinach & Pear Salad

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