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Cascata Restaurant (Closed)
801 Signal Ridge Rd.
Edmond, OK

Cost: $$$$
Hours: Dinner Tues.-Sat.
23 Italian
Smoking: No Smoking
Lunch Tues.-Fri.
Best Item: Veal Scallopine
Veal Scallopine:
Spinach Ravioli with Cream Sauce:
House Salad:
Reviews: AOL City Guide
24-May-05 1
The owners of Cascata have taken a big risk by breaking new ground in the Oklahoma restaurant scene. After spending a fortune constructing a beautiful building with an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, it provides a challenge for the food to live up to its expectation. While many restaurants in Oklahoma City have had similar high expectations but failed in the execution, Cascata is going strong a few years after its opening.

It seems that there is a market in the Metro for this type of high-end dining, in spite of the fact that not everyone has given Cascata a glowing review. I attribute this partially to higher expectations that come with spending some serious bucks by Oklahoma standards (although if you come from a major city with a lot of high-end restaurants, Cascata will probably seem quite reasonably priced).

In my experience with Cascata I have been able to sample other plates besides my own order, thus I think I have a more complete picture than I would otherwise have been able to obtain. In fact, if my only basis to judge the food came from my order, a Spinach Ravioli with cream sauce, I would not be all that impressed. This dish is made with high quality, fresh ingredients, but it did not offer that subjective enjoyment factor that I get by eating at Papa Dio's.

I thought the House Salad was not even very enjoyable--the greens were fresh but did not have much variety and the balsamic vinegar dressing did not add much to its enjoyment.

In sampling another pasta dish I also experienced very good ingredients, but just something that did not cause my taste buds to go into a hightened state of excitation.

It was clear, though, that the meat items excel at Cascata. The Veal Scallopine not only uses the highest quality meat, but the sauce is a flavor experience in itself, while the side dishes provide the perfect compliment to the main course. The meat dishes are probably twice as expensive as the pastas, but in my opinion this is what the rave about Cascata is all about.

Cascata offers a totally different cuisine than the southern Italian food served at Papa Dio's and quite a few other restaurants. Cascata does northern Italian extremely well, despite some flaws, and I think for the most part it is money well spent for a "special occasion" meal.

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