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Cazuelas Grill Restaurante Mexicano (Closed)
2624 W. Britton Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK
Cost: $$ 19 Mexican
Nuevo León
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Beer
Fajitas: chicken
Pollo Monterey:
Chile Relleno:
Salsa: Hot--served on request
Flour Tortillas:
Reviews: AOL City Guide
3-Mar-06 1
Note:  A sign in the window in Jan. 2007 says a new restaurant called El Sombrero will open soon.

Cazuelas Grill Restaurante Mexicano is a small taquería on Britton Road next to Johnnie's that is much closer to the traditional family restaurants in northern Mexico than the typical Tex-Mex restaurants in the U.S. Cazuelas Grill has a few Tex-Mex dishes, such as the less-than-spicy salsa and queso that are served with chips before the meal. Although I did not try the enchiladas, they seem to be totally Tex-Mex style as well.

Many of the items, however, offer a much needed break from the blandness found at most Tex-Mex restaurants. The Fajitas, although good, are pretty generic at most Mexican restaurants these days. Some of the other menu items, however, are more interesting.

Pollo Monterey is a chicken breast covered with a sauce that would be pretty typical along the border, but not commonly found in Oklahoma. Made with cheese (white and yellow), tomatoes, and fresh chiles, I thought the sauce had a very good flavor. The freshness of the ingredients was probably the best aspect of it, although the chicken was not the tenderest meat I have ever had.

The Chile Relleno had the same sauce as the chicken, and in fact looked exactly the same until I began digging a little bit to uncover a very fresh mild chile underneath. I would call the chile relleno enjoyable but not spectacular, with the sauce being the best part of the dish.

Like many restaurants in Oklahoma, Cazuelas Gill has a "special salsa" served on request (it always pays to ask for another salsa if you do not like the one that is automatically served). In this case they had two special salsas, both green, but one spicier than the other (I liked the flavor of the milder one better). I was pleased with both of these spicy salsas, but even more pleased that I had a choice between two varieties.

A sign in the window advertises Rico Menudo Sábado y Domingo (Menudo on Sat. and Sunday). There seem to be many more intersting and authentic dishes to try here. This is one of the best Mexican restaurants I have tried in Oklahoma, the main drawback being that the enchiladas and other vegetarian dishes do not seem to be as good as the meat dishes (in fact, the enchiladas are covered with meat sauce in typical Tex-Mex fashion). Overall I thought the flavor and freshness of the food was well above average.

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