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Nomad II Restaurant
7301 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 843-4557
Cost: $$ 21 Italian Smoking: Smoking Allowed
Alcohol: Beer and Wine
Linguine with Sundried Tomatoes:
Reviews: AOL City Guide
17-Jan-06 1
Jack Sussy's Nomad II is the latest incarnation of a restaurant that is an Oklahoma City institution. Originally located near the State Capitol, it became popular with politicians, and seeing that it had to clean up its reputation (just kidding!), it became a "Nomad" by moving. When it moved to its current location in north OKC, it was called "Nomad II."

Now at its North May Avenue location for a number of years, Nomad has a loyal customer base, and judging from the limited seating space probably could not handle too many additional patrons even if other people find out about the great food here. Many people have tried Nomad at least once, but were aggrevated by its totally useless "no-smoking area" that is so small as to not provide any refuge from the smoke.

The smoking situation is a real shame, because everyone raves about the food. I did not believe it myself until I tried it. Although the red "Sussy's sauce" is famous, I decided to try Linguine with a light Madeira sauce made with wine and olive oil. This sauce is comparable to ones I have had in much more expensive Italian restaurants, and the other ingredients were as expertly prepared as the sauce.

The Garlic Bread here is among the best I have eaten.

The House Salad has a good dressing, but not good enough to turn the iceberg lettuce greens into a gourmet salad. The good feature, though, is that the salad comes free with most dinners.

Nomad is open until 10 p.m. most evenings, and I took advantage of this fact to enjoy the food when there was no smoke in the restaurant. It is a hassle having to do things this way, but I thought the food was worth the hassle.

Note: Oklahoma has now passed a "no smoking" law that has eliminated the smoke from all the restaurants in which it used to be a problem.

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