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6929 Northwest Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 470-1888

Pho'ever Restaurant at Northwest Expressway and Rockwell

Pho'ever would be just one of many pho restaurants that are popping up in the suburbs of Oklahoma City except for the fact that it has a fairly extensive menu, and serves more than just pho. Included on the menu are stir fried noodles, fried rice, vermicelli bowls, rice platters, clay pots, and Chinese food such Cantonese noodle soup and American style Chinese dishes (sesame chicken, moo goo gai pan, etc.).

The restaurants on Classen Boulevard are usually the best choice for people who are more adventurous about Vietnamese food, but Pho'ever has a fairly good selection that will likely make trips to the central city less frequent. I have found Kim Wah to be the best Vietnamese restaurant in the north suburban area, especially for bún and canh chua. However, Pho'ever offers a lot of items not found at Kim Wah (and that I would have to travel to the Asian District to find something comparable). It is not so much a matter that Pho'ever is better than the other suburban restaurants as that most other restaurants do not even offer a comparable choice.

Pho with rare beef and well done brisket
Pho with rare beef and well done brisket

Pho is one item for which Pho'ever is one of the best anywhere in the city. Restaurants in the Asian District have more choices for broth, types of meat served, and ingredients, but I do not think they are so much better in quality that Pho'ever would not be comparable. To me the pho at Pho'ever is about as satisfying as any I have tried, except for the fact that only the rare beef is a choice that I think is exceptional. The broth is especially good here, and is comparable to many Asian District restaurants. To me the pho is clearly the best item I have tried at Pho'ever.

Bún with spring rolls
Bún with Vietnamese crispy spring rolls

Vermicelli bowls are one of my benchmarks for comparing Vietnamese restaurants, and Pho'ever has several varieties from which to choose. The Bún with Spring Rolls was flavorful and I would say better than several others I have tried. Everything seemed fresh, and the spring rolls were good, so to me it was only disappointing compared to others that I think include more ingredients and have a better "Vietnamese" flavor. The photo shows a white color of the vermicelli noodles, and to me the vermicelli bowls I prefer are the ones that have more toppings and other ingredients that give it more color and flavor.

Bún with grilled chicken
Bún with grilled chicken

While I gave the Bún with Grilled Chicken a lower rating that the one with spring rolls, it was in fact quite comparable in flavor and it is mainly a matter that I can get better versions elsewhere. As with the vermicelli with spring rolls, it seemed to be lacking in flavor and in certain ingredients that would make it taste more authentic. The chicken was good, though, and the same meat is available on other dishes such as the grilled chicken rice platter.

Canh chua
Canh chua

Vietnamese hot and sour soup, or Canh Chua is one of my favorite dishes, but I have found that very few restaurants serve it. Fortunately, Pho'ever is one that does serve it, and in fact it comes with a choice of fish, chicken, vegetables, or shrimp. I think Kim Wah sets the standard for this dish in Oklahoma City, and the one at Pho'ever was comparitavely weak in flavor and missing some of the things I like (such as extra pineapple). What was good about Pho'ever's soup, though, was the chicken (and in fact it was probably the best I have had in OKC). The okra was very fresh, and this was a very nice touch (in fact, I think this is the only one I have tried in OKC that included okra). The broth was less flavorful than others I have tried, but still it was a very good soup.

Pork clay pot as a take home meal
Pork clay pot as a take home meal

Clay pot dishes are served in metal pots (except for take home orders such as the one shown in the photo), and they come with the distinctive sauce served in Vietnamese kho tô (clay pot) dishes. The Pork Clay Pot dinner was flavorful, and like the chicken I would say came with good quality meat. I have had similar plates in other restaurants that included vegetables on the side (lettuce, tomato, etc.) that made them much more enjoyable than the one at Pho'ever, but the one here was good in terms of quality.

Tofu vegetable clay pot
Tofu vegetable clay pot

The Tofu Vegetable Clay Pot was similar to the one with meat, except I would say the tofu does a better job of soaking up the sauce so that it has more flavor. Still, I would say this was nothing special without the side vegetables that usually come in other restaurants.

Grilled chicken rice platter
Grilled chicken rice platter

The Grilled Chicken Rice Platter had the advantage of coming with the side vegetables that were lacking in some of the other dishes. However, without the sauce of the clay pot dishes or the seasoning of the vermicelli bowls, it is hard for me to think of this as a special Vietnamese experience. The quality of the meat was good, though, as it has been in everything I have tried.

Pho'ever is one of the few restaurants in the city that serves hot tea brewed with loose leaves, and along with the good service this makes me prefer to eat in the restaurant rather than take food home. Prices are reasonable, and I have enjoyed it so much that Pho'ever has become one of my "regular" restaurants.

The Chinese food is American style, but from my limited sampling of it I would say it is better than in many nearby restaurants that serve similar dishes. There is no buffet, and everything is served fresh.

Bubble tea is served, as well as Vietnamese coffee and other drinks.

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Cuisine: Vietnamese
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
Accessible: Yes
Tea: Jasmine (Loose Leaves)
MSG: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking
Buffet: No

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Dec. 2, 2010

Number of Visits: 10+

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