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Queen Ann Cafeteria (Closed)
5900 Mosteller Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK

Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
Accessible: Yes
23 Cafeteria Smoking: No Smoking Best Items: Chicken Pot Pie, Turkey, Fried Chicken, Vegetable Soup, Cranberry Salad
Chicken Pot Pie:
Fried Chicken:
Vegetable Soup:
Cranberry Salad:
Mashed Potatoes:
Apricot Pie:
Reviews: AOL City Guide
23-Mar-06 10+
Oklahoma City has always had some of the best cafeterias in the nation, starting with the Boulevard located downtown, then the Lady Classen, and the most recent being Queen Ann in the United Founders Building near May Avenue and Northwest Expressway.

The very term "cafeteria" normally connotes "mass-produced" or "institutional," but such is not the case with Queen Ann. The food is cooked in small quantites, and it is sometimes frustrating that they will run out of an item very quickly. Queen Ann also changes the menu much more than the chain cafeterias, leading to new possibilities of culinary delight, but also that disappointment will result from your favorite dish not being available.

It is almost impossible to list and rate every item served here--I have included a few that I like. As a general category, though, the entrées are probably the highlight. The turkey is real roast turkey breast, much like the one that would be served in the typical home on Thanksgiving.

Chicken Pot Pie, when available, is one of the better dishes that is served.

Fish is consistently good (catfish is supposed to be the specialty of the cafeteria, but this is a local taste I never picked up).

Desserts used to be outstanding, but recently I have not thought they were up to par.

Vegetables have never been the strong point of the cafeteria, but at least you can get many items that are not soaked in bacon grease or other non-vegetable material. The Vegetable Soup is very flavorful, but is a misnomer because it contains beef.

Salads are generally delicious but come in miniscule portions.

The Queen Ann is expensive for the portions served, but the quality is comparable to the price. I usually get about four items, really enjoy about three of them, and think it was well worth the money.

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