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Morris' Fireside Restaurant
100 E. 2nd St.
Cannon Beach, OR
(503) 436-2917
Cost: $$
Serves Breakfast
21 American Smoking: No Smoking
20-May-03 4
On my most recent visit to Cannon Beach I returned to Morris' Fireside Restaurant, a place I had enjoyed very much in the past, but this time only for breakfast. I recalled that Dooger's was really the place to go for fish, and while the Fireside has a greater variety of items, I was not really in the mood for anything else on this trip.

I was in the mood, however, for a great breakfast, and that is what I got at the Fireside. The hallmark here is freshness and quality. For instance, when you get a Blueberry Pancake, they serve a bowl of fresh blueberries. Although you pay for this quality, at least you get a little break since Oregon does not have a sales tax. Although I could not afford to eat here every day, it is great for a vacation or a special treat.

Even though my dinner experience was several years ago, I remember that it was the same quality food. After having some mixed results at Dooger's I think I would now modify my thinking about going to Morris' Fireside Restaurant for fish--it is probably one of the better places in town as it is for meat dishes and other entrées. Actually I don't think you can go too far wrong with the seafood at any Cannon Beach restaurant.

The building looks like a log cabin, and is warm and cozy on the many rainy days experienced in this part of the country. The Fireside was one of the first restaurants in Cannon Beach to become totally non-smoking, something for which I still feel a loyalty to the restaurant. There is no reason to go strictly by emotions, though, since the good food and commitment to quality continue to make it a good choice..

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