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Brief Reviews of Asian Restaurants in Washington

Rating Type Times Tried/
Last Tried
Tea MSG Comments
Teriyaki House
1040 Stevenson Ave.
Enumclaw, WA
J 3+
N/A No Teriyaki fast-food restaurants have become quite popular in south King County, but this one in Enumclaw is one of the best. Uses good quality ingredients and has flavorful sauces. Don't let its location in a strip shopping mall deter you from trying it. Although I like the food, I have sometimes been less than happy with the seating arrangements.
Ocean City
609 S. Weller
Seattle, WA
International District
C 3+
N/A N/A Until 2000 I thought it had excellent dim sum and Chinese style seafood. When I tried to go in 2003, though, the salmon with black bean sauce that I really enjoyed was no longer on the menu. There is a counter in the front of the restaurant where people order from menus that are only in Chinese, and this looks like better and/or more interesting food than is on the regular menu. The regular menu, though, did not look very exciting. Free parking in an underground garage.
1880 Fairview Ave. E.
Seattle, WA
Union Lake
T 1
N/A Very comparable to Tropics with excellent ginger tofu (it's not on the menu but you can ask for it). The peanut sauce is almost as good as Thai Dusit. I ate at the location in Queen Anne, but this has now changed to another restaurant.

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