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Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
3500 Factoria Blvd. S.E.
Bellevue, WA
(425) 641-5691
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
Tokyo web site
21 Japanese Tea: Green (brewed)
Best Item: Sushi
Salmon Teriyaki:
Salmon Atlantic;
Teriyaki Sauce:

Health Dept. Report
21-May-03 1
With so many great Japanese restaurants in Seattle I was hopeful that I could find some in the suburbs that were equally good. While Tokyo in the Factoria section of Bellevue was very good, it did not quite live up to what I consider to be the world class Japanese restaurants located across Lake Washington.

The Sushi was very good and fresh. It did not have the variety found in the top tier Seattle restaurants, but still I thought it was very enjoyable.

The Salmon Teriyaki was disappointing considering the type of fresh fish that is available in the Puget Sound area. Using (undoubtedly farm raised) Atlantic salmon, they apparently did not want to take the trouble or go to the expense of getting the best varieties, which would not be that difficult to obtain. Although other restaurants (such as Bush Garden) use Atlantic salmon, the one at Tokyo was not as fresh. The teriyaki sauce was good, and made the dish fairly enjoyable.

Tokyo is less expensive than the really good Japanese restaurants, so when you come here you know what to expect--a medium-priced suburban restaurant with fairly good, but not exceptional food. I have heard that they have other specialties besides sushi, so it would be worth giving it a try.

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