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Griffin Corner Thai Cuisine (Closed)
1240 Griffin Ave.
Enumclaw, WA

Cost: $ 16 Thai Tea: Jasmine (bags)/ Thai Iced Tea
Best Item: Phad Prig-Khing
Phad Prig-Khing:
Phad Thai:
Peanut Sauce:
Health Dept. Report
22-Jul-03 7
Griffin Corner Thai Cuisine is one of the newest ethnic restaurants to come on the scene in Enumclaw, and as far as I know is the only Thai restaurant in the southeast corner of King County. Located on Enumclaw's main street in the central area of town, it bolsters the city's downtown redevelopment effort as well as the variety of cuisines available.

Griffin Corner is operated by one of the friendliest families in the restaurant business. You get the impression that they really enjoy what they are doing and are there to please the customers. Although I like Griffin Corner Thai Cuisine better than the Chinese and fast food teriyaki restaurants in town, I think the owners have adjusted the spiciness and flavor of the dishes to meet the expectations of local tastes, thus it is not what I would call an "authentic" Thai restaurant.

The Phad Prig-Khing is the best of the several dishes I have tried. It has a less than average spice level (somewhat Americanized, but less so than some other dishes), but has a good flavor. It may be that I have not tried enough dishes, but so far this is the one item that I think is somewhat close to the way Thai food should be prepared. Traditionally, phad prig-khing is one of the few curries not made with coconut milk.

The Peanut Sauce is the biggest disappointment--it is little different from peanut butter.

Other curries are good, but not spicy enough.

The Phad Thai at Griffin Corner is pretty good but nothing memorable.

The owners obviously know how to cook Thai food, but apparently their desire to please the local customers has resulted in the food being prepared with one of the lowest spice levels in the State of Washington. If you request more authentic food, though, they will do their best to provide something you will like.

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