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Chan's Place
4592 Klahanie Dr. S.E.
Issaquah, WA
(425) 313-8883
Cost: $$
Also in Kirkland and Woodinville
Chan's Place web site
18 Chinese Tea: Jasmine (brewed) House Hot and Sour Soup:
Health Dept. Report
8-Jun-03 4
It is a shame when a restaurant tries so hard, but comes up short. Chan's Place has three restaurants on the east side. The one in Issaquah was close for me, but there are also locations in Kirkland and Woodinville.

The Issaquah location has a nice building that seems to be very clean, excellent service, and the management tries very hard to please the customers. This includes making special dishes on request and serving you even if you walk in 5 minutes before closing time. The menu has a great variety, and there is something for everybody.

The only problem is that the food didn't taste "Chinese" enough for me. It's not that I am that great an authority, but there is the International District to provide a comparison, and Chan's Place tastes more like the chain P.F. Chang's. The food is not bad, in fact it is quite good. It just could be a little bit more.

The tea and hot and sour soup are very good. Lunch specials are a great deal. This is a good restaurant when you are in the area, but it is not a "destination" Chinese restaurant.

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