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Dosa Palace (Closed)
730 N.W. Gilman Blvd.
Issaquah, WA

Dosa Palace
730 N.W. Gilman Blvd.
Issaquah, WA
(425) 369-2343
24 Indian Cost: $$
Tea: Masala Tea
Hours: Closed Mon.
Smoking: No Smoking
Best Items: Sambar, Vegetable Korma, Dal Masala
Vegetable Korma:
Dal Masala:
Rasam Soup:
Tamarind Rice:
Spicy Dosa:
Semya Payasan:
Masala Tea:
23-May-06 2
With Udupi Palace in Bellevue becoming so popular it is sometimes hard to find a table, the owners probably decided they needed to open a branch in Issaquah. Udupi Palace is actually a chain of Indian vegetarian restaurants out of the Bay Area, with some of the locations, including this one, having different names. Dosa Palace exhibits few characteristics of the typical chain, though, serving fresh and individually cooked meals. All the Udupi Palace restaurants serve the same menu, and the prices are set corporately, but each seems relatively free to prepare the food in the manner they think it should be to represent the true richness and variety of Indian food.

The Thali, or sampler plate, is one of the main ways the restaurants can show their individuality. Several of the items are always served, but Dosa Palace chooses its own dishes daily to round out the dozen or so items. So far I think they are doing a better job than at the parent company in Bellevue. Not only is the food just as flavorful, but they take the time to explain what is being served as well as the traditional manner of eating it (some items with rice, others with bread, etc.).

Sambar, a mixed vegetable dish, is one of the best ones served when poured over white rice. This is a mild dish, although some might consider it medium spicy. To me it is the type of food I envision when thinking about the typical Indian dish.

Vegetable Korma is meant to be eaten with bread, but I think it stands on its own as a flavorful dish.

Dal Masala is rather bland compared to many of the other dishes, but Dosa Palace does it better than at anywhere else I have tried it.

The Rasam soup is served on the Thali every day, and may be the spiciest food served at Dosa Palace. I thought the food overall in Issaquah was not as spicy as at Udupi Palace in Bellevue, but no compromise is made on the soup--we seem to be getting the authentic South Indian version.

Tamarind Rice is flavored with spices, and although is not on the menu and not always served, should be typical of the Rice Specials that are available on the menu.

Semya Payasan is a milk and raisin dessert served some days on the Thali. I thought it was one of the best Indian desserts I have ever tried.

Dosas are available when your appetite or budget is not ready for the larger plates--the dosa looking like a large burrito with a thin rice crepe shell. The Spicy Dosa is the only item I have eaten at the restaurant that I did not care for very much. I have assigned a medium star rating to it, though, because it was better than the dosas I have had in Oklahoma.

Some who live east of Bellevue may choose to go to Dosa Palace because of its convenient location, but I think very little compromise is made in food quality by going here instead of Bellevue or Seattle. The restaurant is quite small, and at least for now while they are not overwhelmed by customers, the service seems to be a lot better than at Udupi Palace. I see every reason to consider it as one of the best Indian restaurants in the region.

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