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Jeem Asian Restaurant (Closed)
14850 N.E. 24th St.
Redmond, WA

Cost: $$
Hours: Open daily until midnight (2:00 a.m. on Fri. & Sat.)
24 Chinese Tea: Jasmine (loose leaves)
Smoking: No Smoking
Best Item: Dim Sum
Dim Sum:
Shrimp and Leek Dumpling:
Bitter Melon with Black Sesame:
Shrimp & Scallop Fried Tofu:
Taro Bun:

Health Dept. Report
21-May-06 1
Jeem Asian Restaurant serves food from several regions of Asia, but the most popular seems to be the dim sum served at lunch. Located in a cavernous building in a suburban strip mall, it draws crowds as big as the ones flocking to the Chinese buffets in the Southwest. Unlike the buffets, though, the food at Jeem actually seems to be worthy of attracting a large customer base.

The specials offered at midday include satays and other non-Chinese dishes, but most of the selections on the menu are Chinese. Jeem has all the appearances of being one of the growing number of authentic Chinese restaurants in the greater Seattle area that have been made profitable by the large number of Asian and non-Asian customers.

The dim sum at Jeem includes some creative items not normally served at the more traditional restaurants.

The Bitter Melon with Black Sesame was quite enjoyable, possibly because it is not served at a lot of restaurants. The sesame filling inside was something like a bean paste with a sweet flavor.

The Shrimp and Leek Dumpling was possibly the best dim sum I tried.

Shrimp and Scallop Fried Tofu was an item I had not seen anywhere else. The tofu was crispy on the outside but soft almost to the point that it seemed to melt on the inside, and had a pretty strong tofu flavor.

The Taro Bun was a large bun made with bread with a somewhat sweet filling, but was the only dim sum item that I thought was forgettable.

I had a more difficult time communicating with the staff at Jeem than at most places, and I ended up with dim sum items that were not what I expected. In most cases they were quite good, but I think I would have enjoyed the meal more if I had known what I was ordering so I could have planned the courses better. Still, it was one of the better dim sum experiences in the Seattle area.

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