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Moragote Thai Restaurant
330 SW 43rd St.
Renton, WA
(425) 251-6626
Cost: $$
Moragote web site
21 Thai Tea: Jasmine (brewed)
Smoking: No Smoking
Best Item: Curry dishes
Health Dept. Report
29-May-03 1
I dropped into Moragote after exploring the Great Wall Mall a couple of blocks away, finding very little open, and nothing I wanted to try. By the time I made it to Moragote, just across the city limit in Renton, it was almost closing time. The fact that they kept the restaurant open even though there were no other customers there was enough to make this place a big hit with me.

Trying to make the process as speedy as possible I asked for a recommendation, and my waiter mentioned the version of curry he thought would be best (several kinds are available, and unfortunately I do not remember what they were). A straight curry dish would not normally be my choice since I prefer the complex flavors of dishes such as ginger tofu, tom yum, stir-fried vegetables with basil, etc. Another part of my reluctance at the time was the fact that I was using the curry at Koong Thong in Auburn as a benchmark, and very few other restaurants seemed to live up to this standard, nor did Koong Thong seem to be as good as I remembered from a few years ago. Still, curry is a classic Thai dish and when done right is very enjoyable.

The Curry at Moragote, however, was excellent. Ordered with tofu, It was spicy at a level that I would call about a 3 out of 4, and had a rich flavor. I make it a practice to base my score on the best dish a restaurant serves consistently. Since I cannot make such a evaluation of Moragote, I can say that following the server's suggestion seemed to be a good test, and I was quite happy with the result..

It would be worthwhile sampling more things to see if the food has the same level of excellence across the board. My guess is that it probably does.

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