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Bush Garden
614 Maynard Ave. S.
Seattle, WA
(206) 682-6830
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
Bush Garden web site
22 Japanese Tea: Green (brewed) House
Smoking: No Smoking
Best Item: Sushi
Salmon Teriyaki:
Salmon Atlantic;
Teriyaki Sauce:

Sushi: Yellowtail ;

Health Dept. Report
20-Jul-03 10+
Bush Garden is one of my old favorites in Seattle. It used to be one of the only non-Chinese restaurants in the International District (now there is a great variety of Asian restaurants from which to choose). I dropped in, and at first would not eat there because smoking was allowed in the entire restaurant. That problem has now been fixed, and once I started eating there I had to return on each trip for some more. With the fresh fish and excellent sushi, I had never experienced anything like the food here in other cities.

Although I now know there are better Japanese restaurants in Seattle, Bush Garden is still pretty good. In fact, many times it is excellent. The problem is that it is not consistent. There are several sushi chefs that take different shifts, and some do a better job than others, and some are better at certain types of sushi.

The Red Snapper Sushi has always been my favorite variety here, but it is not usually available. For other types of sushi such as tuna, salmon, etc., it is clearly better to go to some of the other sushi restaurants in town.

Although my favorite dish throughout the years has been the Teriyaki Salmon, it is disappointing that they use Atlantic salmon (it is very fresh, though, and the teriyaki sauce is excellent).

Probably the best thing about Bush Garden is that it is like a neighborhood restaurant and bar, except that it has better food than most neighborhood restaurants. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful (I have heard that this is not the case at some other sushi restaurants).

While this is not always the best Japanese food in Seattle, it would likely be the top restaurant in just about any other city, and it is not too bad even with Seattle's exacting standards.

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