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Takohachi Restaurant (Closed)
610 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA

Cost: $
Hours: Closed Sun. & Sat. lunch
24 Japanese Tea: Green (brewed)
Smoking: No Smoking
Alcohol: Beer & Wine
Health Dept. Report
12-Jun-06 1
Considering the large concentration of Asian restaurants in Seattle's International District, it would be easy to overlook Takohachi. With about a dozen or so tables and somewhat limited hours, it may not even be possible to secure a place to dine even if Takohachi is your desired destination. For authentic Japanese food, however, there are few restaurants in Seattle that match this one.

Takohachi specializes in traditional Japanese food such as noodles, cutlets, soups, and just about everything except sushi. Prices are cheap, giving the temptation to try more than one item even though the entrées are quite filling.

For my initial visit I tried the Ramen soup. This is a noodle soup with meat, spices, and vegetables cooked in a somewhat clear broth. Several variations are available, but a friend and I tried the regular ramen that seemed as if it would have the more traditional taste. This one seemed to have everything including a variety of meats and even an egg for extra flavor. While instant and fast food versions of ramen abound in the U.S., it was quite an experience to have the authentic version. It was delicious and could be as filling as desired depending on whether one wanted to finish off the noodles or not. The flavor of the broth made this version stand far above others I have tried.

The table next to us ordered several items, the most appetizing looking was the Gyoza dumplings. There will certainly be no want of options to order on subsequent visits.

I really thank Danny Lau for recommending Takohachi so I could experience one of the best and most authentic Japanese restaurants in Seattle.

Update Jun. 2007:  Takohachi closed due to the retirement of the owner. The Health Department's inspection reports may no longer be available online, but it should be noted that the restaurant had a very good inspection report with only minor violations, showing that as much care was taken to keep the kitchen clean as to provide excellent food. It will be hard to find a replacement for the type of food and down home atmosphere that was found here.

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