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Thai Dusit (Closed)
2510 N.E. Blakeley St.
Seattle, WA

Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily except Mon. lunch
22 Thai Tea: Jasmine (herbal)
Smoking: No Smoking
Best Items: Swimming Angel, Phad Thai
Swimming Angel:
Phad Thai:
4-Jun-03 7
Note:  The original restaurant closed and reopened as Thai Dusit Express at 2515 N.E. 55th St. The second restaurant has now closed.

Thai Dusit does not have the hype of most of the other Thai restaurants in Seattle. In fact, tucked away on a small side street near the University of Washington, hardly anyone knows about it. I think the owners are not versed in American marketing techniques, but they are very expert in preparing some of the most delicious Thai food in the city.

I'm not yet prepared to say it's the most authentic food, since the curry dishes are prepared more for the American taste, and are not as fiery as is found at many other places.

The peanut sauce, on the other hand, used in the Swimming Angel dish, goes well beyond the standard Seattle style blandness to the most delicious spiced sauce I have ever experienced.

Curries are delicious also, and I think they could be made more spicy if requested that way.

The Phad Thai is another winner here, and the Phad Khing (ginger tofu) is above average.

One of the great things about Thai Dusit is that you can try different lunch combinations to find out what is good.

Word of mouth seems to do what advertising campaigns do not--bring in the customers. It is usually full, and the kitchen seems to be able to keep up with the crowd, even if you are on a tight schedule to get back to work or class. Personally I feel that I have only begun to find the gems here.

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