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Vietnam's Pearl Restaurant (Closed)
708 Rainier Ave. S.
Seattle, WA

Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
24 Vietnamese Tea: Jasmine (brewed) House
Smoking: No Smoking
Best Items: Rice Vermicelli Dishes, Spring Rolls
Rice Vermicelli:
Spring Rolls:
20-Jul-03 3
Vietnam's Pearl is located in "Little Saigon," the area just east of the International District. Both of these areas, just south of downtown Seattle, have so many Asian restaurants it is easy to miss the good ones. It is strongly advised not to miss this one if you like Vietnamese food.

Advertised as "Traditional Vietnamese Food & Vegetarian," it is not a gourmet French/Vietnamese fusion restaurant like Monsoon, but it does offer a good representation of Vietnamese food. I have tried this type of cuisine in enough cities to know good food when I taste it, and Vietnam's Pearl may be the standard by which to judge all others. Not only does it offer a good, well-rounded selection of items, but each one is delicious, and is prepared the way it should be (at least the items I have tried).

The Rice Vermicelli Bowl is my favorite. Although there is not a tofu version on the menu, they have no problems making one to special order, and the ones I tried were among the few that I was able to eat every bite (and enjoy each one!).

On one of my visits I ordered Spring Rolls, and I have not had one of equal quality at any other Vietnamese restaurant.

When I ate at Vietnam's Pearl I did not know about the poor Health Department ratings they had received, but I certainly did not experience any problems there.

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