VSW Workshop Summer 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday's Class **please read**

We are hitting the halfway point and I have been tremendously impressed with the energy, time, and quality of the work you have been producing. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what my expectations were for the web site you are creating for the workshop. This particularily pertains to those students who are taking the class for credit.
Each student should incorporate the various technigues that we are covering throughout the week into their web pages. This means that you should be able to show me your planning sketches, you should be able to discuss your ideas and strategies and your inspirations, you should have a layout that includes tables, graphics or images that you have resized and reworked in Photoshop and saved for the web.
Your web pages should include either graphical rollovers, or use of the hover tag if your navigation is text based (HTML). We will cover CSS (Style sheets) today, and the use of fonts. Your pages should reflect a basic understanding and usage of styles.
Today's demo will also include links and linking your pages together. Your web site should contain at least 3 to 5 pages that are correctly linked together using a well planned and designed navigational system. We will also cover links to "outside" sites.
Thursday and Friday we will look at various ways to include interactive or animated content to your site. This will include forms, frames, putting your webpages on a server, incorporating video, sound or Flash animations into your pages. Many of you are already planning and designing pages that will include these technologies.
If there are other questions or skills that you wish me to cover in the next two days, please mention it so we can put it on the list.
If you are unsure of how your current pages measure up to my expectations and to a passing grade, please talk to me today. I will also be speaking to students individually about their work, so be ready to demonstrate that you have the above incorporated into your pages.


At Wednesday, July 19, 2006 8:48:47 AM, nontoxicbernice said...

i don't remember what a hover tag is. just writing here so that i don't forget to ask.


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