Gaming at the Gathering!

    The Gathering 99, Gargoyles World Tour in Dallas, will be the site for one of the
first convention RPGs based on Gargoyles. This game will be run by fanfic author
and one of the con's writing guests, Christine Morgan. To visit Christine's personal
gaming page, click here.

    No experience is necessary to play. A total of 10 players is the maximum allowed, 5
gargoyles and 5 members of the Third Race.

    The game will use the Generic Universal Role-Playing System, abbreviated GURPS,
by Steve Jackson Games. (the Gathering 99 is very pleased to welcome Mr. Jackson
himself as one of our guests this year!)

How to Play

    GURPS is a point-based system of character creation. In some games, like AD&D,
the player rolls dice to determine the character's abilities; in GURPS, the player will
have a set number of points, and each ability, skill, and advantage costs a certain
    Example: Ambidexterity, the ability to use both hands with equal skill, is an
advantage. It costs ten points, so is written (+10).
    In addition, the player may elect to take traits, flaws, and disadvantages that limit the
character's options and thereby gain points.
    Example: Impulsiveness, the tendency to rush into things without planning, is a
disadvantage. It earns ten points, so is written (-10).

Don't Panic!
    We're in this game to have fun, so it is not necessary to understand the rules. GURPS
familiarity or gaming experience is helpful but not necessary.
    This GM's (stands for Game Master) style of play doesn't rely heavily on rules.
In general, you'll just say what you want to do, roll dice, and that'll be that. Only in
combat or spellcasting does it get complicated. And even then, it's a lot easier than it
looks. Hardly anyone can learn a game by reading the rules; the only way to do it is
to jump on in and play.

The main rules to keep in mind are:
1. Have fun
2. Help others to have fun (don't kill off anyone else's character or pick on fellow
3. Remember that what you know about the world may be very different from what
your character knows about the world.
4. Stay in character.
5. Have fun!

You have three options for designing your character:
1. Choose a Pre-generated character, already made up and ready to go except for
choosing traits such as gender and appearance. Click here for a list describing the
Pre-generated characters that will be available.
2. If you are familiar with GURPS, you may make up your character yourself, using
the racial packages for Gargoyles or Third Race and building with 200 points.
3. If you know what you want but don't know the game system, e-mail the GM with a
list of traits and abilities you'd like your character to have, and she will build it for
you within the alloted points.

Gaming at the Gathering 99:
    There will be three seperate sessions to the game. One group will be playing all
gargoyle PCs; their session will be first. Then those players will get a break while the
second group, who will be playing characters from the Third Race, have their turn.
    Then, at the end, both groups will be brought together for the big finale. The actual
times of these sessions have yet to be set.

The GM will provide:
Dice enough for everyone
Spare pencils and paper
A "battlemat" -- a clear piece of plastic marked with hexes, used to figure out where
    everyone is during combat
Pens to draw on the battlemat
Counters and/or figures to represent the characters and opponents during combat
Pre-generated characters
Copies of characters created under Option 3 (see above)
GURPS rulebooks
Some refreshments
Calculator for figuring out all those complicated combats

You should bring:
Pencil and paper
Character sheet if you design your own
Drinks and munchies of your choice
Willingness to play and have fun

    Optimally, everyone will rush out and buy a few GURPS books, thereby making our
gaming GoH Steve Jackson exceedingly happy ...
    If you do, a Basic Book, the Compendium I, Magic, and Grimoire would all be good
choices ... though GURPS offers worldbooks for just about every genre, from fantasy
to space to superheroes, and nearly any setting or time period you could wish (or
even all of them; let GURPS Time Travel be your own personal Phoenix Gate!)

    But, just in case you don't, click here for a simplified and hopefully-not-too-
inaccurate rundown on the game.

Your character will be built on 200 points.
If you want to be a gargoyle, click here
If you want to be of the Third Race, click here
Quickie GURPS Rules
Being a Gargoyle
How Combat Works
Being of the Third Race
How Magic Works
Sample Character -- Ilona of Clan Vancouver
Sample Character -- Nix the Water-Sprite
Pre-Generated Character Descriptions
E-mail the GM