Peter McKenzie Armstrong
                                            Catalogue of Works
                                                                      (ed. 2024)
Opus Title
    1.      12 Variations in S-Mode
    2.      Black & White: Voicing/Articulation/Pedal Study
    3.      Mini-Studies on my Surname
    4.      Katikaze: Study in Single Notes
    5.      Cycles for Synclavier
    6a.    Krikos 1: Circular Variations on Schoenberg's Opus 33a
    6b.    Krikos 2: Time^Space Vortex             "                "       "
    6c.    Krikos 3: Prelude & Centrifugue         "                "       "
    6d.    Krikos 4: Helix                                    "                "       "
    7.      Krikos Epilogue                                  "                "       "
    8.      Partita Traverse for Flute Solo, after J.S.Bach
    9.      Stuckle: Takeoffs on Schoenberg and French Folksong
  10.      Additudes: Fib/Luc Mod Cycles in the Ord-21 Perfect Square
  11.      Variations on "Rule, Brittania!"
  12.      Dapper '1' and Dreadful '0'
  13.      Refractions: 12-Tone Chords on an All-Interval Row
  14.      [CTT-95]: Bus Ride over a Bach Bass
  15.      Ostomachion: Wind Chimes from Archimedes' Box
  16a.    Syzygies: Two-Part Takes on Wythoff's Matrix, Vol. I
  16b.    Syzygies: Two-Part Takes on Wythoff's Matrix, Vol. II
  17.      Takeoffs on "Katikaze": Interval Expansion Study
  18.      Flipidodes: All-interval 12-tone Chords Voicing Study
  19.      Last Breath: Hexachordal Articulation Study
  20.      Flitter, Dither & Rant: Assorted Chordal Confusion
  21.      No!: A Trifle
  22.      Thin Rake c/o "The Game of Life"
  23.      Phigits: One-Part Takes on the Digits of Phi
  24.      11/8
  25.      Chord for Mr. Woodshed (Arr. PMA)
  26.      'Tis To Waft
  27.      Patterns from the Game of Life, Part I: 8th Notes for Toy Piano
  28.      Stuckle2: Stuckle with a Between
  29.      JE: A Mural -- re John Elliot's "Yesteryear on the Hudson"
  30a.    Patterns from the Game of Life, Part II: Rondo Infernale
  30b.         "           "     "        "      "    "  , Part III: Pairs & Singles
  30c.         "           "     "        "      "    "  , Part IV: Ostinato Polemico
  31.      Trends from the Periodic Table of Elements
  32.      Bunny Victoria Watson
  33.      Triptych for Solo Piano
  34a.    In Modulo: Cycles from the Perfect Squared Square
  34b.    In Modulo, Part II: Cycles from the P.S.Square Absentees
  35.      Whirly: Ostinato on a Subprime Fib
  36.      Circular Variations on a Name, Revised
  37.      Circular Variations on "M. C. J. A. F. P."
  38.      Circular Variations on "F. J. E."

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  accessed as: PDF score, downloadable from the International Music
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