Welcome To the Ronin Dojo! 


(The dojo is currently closed due to the COVID pandemic. There is no reopening date at this time. Please see the facebook page for updated information at www.facebook.com/ronindojo/ .) During your stay at our "Interdojo", we hope to inform you, educate you, and entertain you!  But most of all, we hope to challenge you, challenge you to take that first step.  Even if you are not from our area and cannot come to our Dojo, we hope to impress upon you the benefits of Karate.  We hope you take that first step into a dojo somewhere near you, and begin your journey into the real world of Karate; the one of improved physical fitness, clearer mind, and an uncluttered spirit.  Once you understand "Karate-Do", you will have begun your true journey, one of confidence, peace of mind, and anticipation of everyday.  Now, look around, and take your first step forward into your future...


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