What We Teach


Karate; a martial art whose name literally translates into "empty hand".  Passed down from generation to generation in secrecy, this fighting form's other benefits have but recently come to the attention of the western world.  Inspired by the honor of the Samurai, karate-do, or "the way of Karate", is the inclusion of mind and spirit within the confines of the art.  These aspects of Karate help cultivate the respect and honor necessary to effectively gain the full virtues intended by the originators, the old "Masters" of the past.


We here at Ronin Dojo believe in the philosophy of those who developed Karate; that simply teaching physical technique without the oversight of honor and respect is to dishonor the student.  Karate is a vehicle which one can utilize to seek an  inner peace.  With the continued practice of karate comes the confidence necessary to look deep within, to challenge ones self, to understand our true selves without our obscuring facades.  Before we can look for the truth's of the world, we must first grasp our own.


What You Learn 


You will learn that you can; you can kick higher than your knee, you can focus your energy into a single explosive moment, you can do what you previously believed impossible.  And as you learn these things, you will learn that you have confidence; confidence in your abilities, confidence in your decisions, confidence in yourself.


You will learn humility, honor and respect.  The road to a Black Belt is fraught with challenges, and sometimes disappointments; for to fully appreciate the greatness of success, one must endeavor through humility.  And once one has succeeded at both, an understanding of respect an honor become ingrained.  You learn that respect can never be earned if it is not first given, and that honor is that which we are.  Without our honor, we have nothing.  With it, we need nothing.


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