Our school teaches Japanese/Okinawa Karate; the style is Shito Ryu (she toe rew).  What this means is that you will learn how to use both your hands and feet for self defense through the utilization of both traditional and modern training methods.  All of our classes are taught by qualified Black Belt instructors and are of a "mixed" stature, that is; open to all ranks and levels of training.  What this offers to the student is a chance to work side by side with others of both equal and varying rank.  This not only allows each student the opportunity to gage their own progress, but fosters the building of relationships based upon respect and honor.  


Junior Karate Program 


Junior Karate Students are now part of the general mixed program.    The ability to be part of a larger group provides the students with potential mentors to learn from and emulate; just what they need to understand and effectively use what they learn for self defense, self discipline and building self esteem.




Due to the limited opportunities for class time, the smallest of our student base, the children from 4-6 years of age, are also encouraged to attend the mixed classes.  Advanced students are routinely assigned new and young students to provide personalized instruction and supervision.  




So many weapons, so little time...Though Karate is defined as "empty hand",  Kobudo, or weapons, is very much a part of the curriculum of Shito-Ryu.  The early residents of the Okinawa Islands developed fighting techniques whereby everyday farming instruments could be wielded as weaponry.  These implements of manual labor could become a lethal force in the hands of a seasoned practitioner.  And since they were banned from owning any weapons, the villagers of  the islands needed a way to defend themselves against marauding foes without breaking any laws.  Many of the instruments they chose can be traced back to simple tools.  Kenwa Mabuni, the originator of Shito-Ryu, came from Okinawa and carried into his style the use of weaponry.


Ronin Dojo offers to it's Karate-ka's (Karate students), the opportunity to experience the use of some of these weapons.  Through the application of  a weekly practice session, the Karate-ka can gain an understanding of  how these weapons were used, their advantages, importance, and liabilities.  Some of the weapons taught are; nunchukas (two sticks and a rope between them), tonfas (modern police night stick), sickles (hand held versions of the modern sickle), sais (a large three pronged fork), bo (six foot staff) and jo (shorter staff).  Also occasionally offered is the art of sword drawing, as in Samurai.


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