Garden Cycle Trails Overview

* Introduction * Wheels in the Garden * Wheels Outside the Garden *

* Lawn Paths * Exterior Gravel Paths * Interior Trails * Trike Only Trail *

* Flooded Trails * Trails in Snow * Trails at Night * Thomas, Jack, and Jordan * Fall *


Rather than open meadow type lawns, most of our grass is limited to green paths of varying widths. They give the viewer a chance to look at the plants from the outside. Flowers dominate in season, while plant shape and leaf texture show the rest of the year. Rhododendron beds occupy most of the land, with serpentine lawns winding through them.

Exterior Gravel Paths

Exterior gravel paths separate the various rhododendron beds and specialized gardens, such as the native, herb, azalea/orchard, and bamboo gardens. Like the lawn paths, they give the rider an outside perspective on the plants.

Interior Trails

Interior trails are located within the rhododendron beds and generally take the rider under the the plants rather than between them. The rider looks through and up at the plants from the inside out.

Surfaces of the interior trails are moss, needles, and other soft, organic material.

Recumbent Trails

Recumbent paths take the close up perspective one step further. They are similar to the interior paths, but they often have a low ceiling made possible by the low slung design of the trikes.