Wheels in the Garden

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* Catrikes * Mountain Trikes * Tri-Sled * Quadraped * Delta Work Trike * Speeds * Mt Bike *

* Recumbents and Sea Kayaks * Upright into a recumbent (and back again) * Roof Rack * Trailer *


Recumbent trikes are like a chaise lounge on wheels. They are well suited for a fast tour of the main paths, or a relaxing meander in low gear after an exhausting day. Our two recumbent trikes are tadpoles, with two wheels in front and one in back.

Delta Work Trike

Our other trike is a delta, with two wheels in back. This one is used for work, enabling us to get to the far corners of the garden in a hurry with a few tools or a plant.

It is a great timesaver if we need to go back and forth several times between distant points. This trike is also good for a relaxing evening garden tour for us tired old people.

Turning the work trike into a recumbent (and back again)