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Darklands, by MicroProse

ATTENTION: Many of the locally mirrored and archived resources linked here are NOT officially condoned or acknowledged by their original authors or copyright holders! There are no official or established mechanisms for maintaining concurrency or accuracy of content.

These "mirrors" of various Darklands resources are posted here strictly for the intention of convenience in the event that the original sources are for some reason unavailable. The original resources are preferred and should always be referred to in all possible cases.

Note: Although no claims are made regarding the accuracy of the content found here, fault for any errors or inconsistancies with respect to original sources is solely my own. Source "Paths" within documents linked below and marked by astericks("***") have been modified such that they function on this site.


Unofficial Darklands Mirrored Resources

  • The New Darklands FAQ Home Site and Darklands FAQ v.2.0 is still under development ;
    the New DARKLANDS FAQ version 2.0 (February, 1998) is at its new Homepage: "http://conk.com/world/darklands/" ;
  • 1997 (except for quoted material, as indicated).
  • The DARKLANDS FAQ version 1.21 (October, 1996);
    the official Darklands FAQ is still on Alex von Luenen's Homepage;
  • Co-author Dennis Ahr has the official Darklands FAQ mirror;
  • Co-author Alex has the official Darklands FAQ 2.0 mirror for Germany;
  • 1995 (except for quoted material, as indicated).
  • Here, I have a copy of the The Games Domain's "Review of Darklands by MicroProse"*** page.
    The original "Review of Darklands by MicroProse" is found on the Games Domain, and by Copyright Dimitriy A. Levin for Games Domain Review, 1995.

  • The Games Domain's also has a central Darklands webpage*** .
    See the original GD Darklands webpage to find their entire collection of Darklands resources.

  • Ken Fishkin's Review of Microprose's Darklands
  • ... or Ken's Tips for Winning at Microprose's Darklands
    Ken's review and tips for winning at Darklands come from his homepage at Xerox PARC.

  • The GameSupport has a Darklands Tips&Tricks *** page which I have copied here.
    you can find this page on the GameSupport.DK site.

  • Other tidbits such as for the use of Alchemy in Battle can be dug up with alittle gleaning of Search Engine DB's.
    Find this memo at "Dark lands 'Tips'" on The Gamers Home Page. The Gamers Home Page , January 1998.

  • ...and sometimes you will find the same bits of info in more than one place like this from the Wagstaff family page.

  • I use Metacrawler as the search engine of choice for finding Darklands listings.

  • If you were looking for a site(s) NOT related to the game by MPS Labs (e.g. MUDs, Music, Books, Movies, Life-style, and other miscellany), check out the links of other Darklands.

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