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Alien encounters often involve “the grays”. Grays seem interested in our reproductive functions. They appear to be working to create a hybrid of us and them. I have my operative theory as to why they have this program.

These are our very distant descendants coming back from the future. They are not truly our descendants though, they come back from a different time-line in which alien grays from the future did not come back to the present.

We both share a common time-line which bifurcated at the point that they came back in time from the future. I am a believer in the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics rather than the Copenhagen interpretation which creates causality paradoxes. Paradoxes are an indication that we don’t understand the phenomena.

In their time, the solar system is becoming uninhabitable because of the evolution of the sun. As the sun ages, it will swell and turn into a red giant. At first, the grays moved out to more distant plants, Mars, and then later perhaps the moons of the gas giants.

Presently, the light from our sun peaks in the visible spectrum, in the future that peak will move down into the infrared, the visible light output will be mostly at the red end of the spectrum with much less on the blue end.

Existing plants, which use chlorophyll to capture light and photosynthesize carbohydrates, require two colors of light because photosynthesis is a two step process requiring one photon in the red portion of the spectrum and one in the blue.

The process of photosynthesis will happen at a much lower rate both because of the spectral changes resulting in little blue light and because of the distance from the sun.

Ultimately, something will render the entire solar system uninhabitable for them, it might be the inability to grow food, it might be the radiation levels near the gas giants, it might be that the infrared output of the sun becomes too intense for any part of the solar system to be inhabitable.

They have come back in time as a way to continue their races evolution knowing that their arrival will create another time line allowing them take over the planet, eliminate us, without blinking out of existence themselves because at the point they came back, we are not their descendants.

Having evolved for a region where the sun is dimmer and to a spectrum that peaks in the infrared, they evolved eyes with a high light gathering ability and perhaps infrared sensitivity. Their skin lacks pigments that provide protection from ultraviolet light. They may have evolved for lower gravity. Their hybrid program is an attempt to adapt to present day earth living conditions.

They abduct humans along family lines. If you are abducted, then at least one of your parents was most likely abducted. Your children will also be abducted. They will be descended from only a number of us whose progeny survive and propagate through the vast time involved. Greater genetic compatibility exists with their ancestors than with those that didn’t make the cut, thus they abduct their ancestors to provide genetic material for their hybrid program.

Those that are abducted are frequently given visions of environmental crisis. The reason for this is that they are aware of environmental crisis that their ancestors lived through and wish to avoid them in this time-line. They still need us as genetic donors until they perfect their hybrid program so they can’t simply eliminate us to prevent these environmental problems, at least not until they’ve perfected their hybrid race.

That’s my working theory on what the grays agenda is. They aren’t so much from where as from when.

I am more puzzled by what interests other races have with us. The Pliaedians are another species less frequently reported in encounters. They physically resemble us in our present time to a great degree.

They are reported to resemble people of Nordic ancestry, however, they are reported usually as having only blond hair, not red or brown, and they are reported to have indigo colored eyes, not blue, gray, or green as with Nordic people. However, they do have the tall stature, wide shoulders, and long facial features.

They appear to be advanced beyond the grays both technologically and spiritually. Their technology allows them to actually travel between parallel universes.

Like the grays, they have similar warnings of environmental disasters coming. Unlike the grays, they have a prescription for changing our environment and that prescription is largely spiritual. Realize we are part of the same whole, a piece of the creator, and everything else will follow.

They appear to be benevolent. Why exactly they are interested in our well being is not clear. I had a dream encounter with the Pliaedians. I do not know what it means.

Then there are the Reptilians. They are tall with a reptilian appearance. They are occasionally reported by abductees as being present with the grays. They apparently enjoy sex with Earth women, and some Earth women seem to enjoy sex with them.

Pamela Stonebrooke appears to be one such woman. She used to call Coast to Coast when Art Bell hosted it and frequently relate her experiences.

What purpose the Reptilians have here, other than to have sex with Earth women, perhaps because Earth Women are Easy, or perhaps they are trying the more direct approach to creating a hybrid.

Then there was the creature that Dr. Jonathan Reed encountered in Issaquah, or didn’t, a Seattle based UFO group claims to debunk this story but it’s based upon rather slim evidence, but then so is the original story. The disturbing aspect of this is that I had a dream of this creature before I heard the story or saw the photographs.

And then there are the creatures I encountered, with an appearance similar to the grays but with a beige skin color and a very empty space craft. I’ve heard no other reports of creatures like these.

Curious as to what others may know or believe they may know, I was doing a Google search and ran across Cosmic Paradigm which tries to address this topic. I have added this site to the links to the right. I think it does have some value.

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  1. Hi I live on Vancouver Island and I see light orbs and they have flashed us a few times with a blue neon light. When they do we feel very strange.
    The orbs are sometimes all orange or all bluish/white and sometimes they are multi colored with a combination of the neon blue, white, orange and red.
    It’s almost as if they are targeting us for some reason as every time we go out and observe the sky now we see them hovering and moving about.
    The first significant encounter was a neon bluish white light that shot from an orb in the sky and landed in the bushes behind my brothers house. We were all disoriented and confused for about 5 minutes and I was left feeling very drained, nauseous and as if my head was wide open, energetically speaking.
    My brother felt that way and my mom felt completely the opposite, energized and alive and awakened, her feelings of euphoria lasted well over a week.
    My feeling drained lasted as long as well but was so bad that I even slept for about 16-18 hours solid and could not come out of my sleep no matter how hard I tried, I even got up and walked around but had to go right back to bed as the sleep was so strong if I didn’t get to the bed I would have dropped to the floor.
    Since then we(brother, mother and I) have seen so many things I can’t put it all here in one post without it being confusing. (it started in early March 2010)
    Since then I have also seen a black triangle craft with lights fly over head, the single tip at the back of the craft, at sunset while the sky was still blue. Once it past our heads it turned of the red and white/blue front lights and only left the orange tail light on.
    Once it did that the rest of the craft was inadvisable and we watched the orange orb disappear as well.
    When I was younger the beings with the huge black slanted eyes used to visit me. I now know them as the greys but only would remember them watching me in my window as I would scream and cry hysterically and call for help. My parents told me they weren’t real and that I was dreaming and I would plead with them to believe me that I was awake.
    This happened from the ages of 2-5.
    I am now 32, my brother is 27 and mother is 52.
    I did see a few UFOs between then and now in Ontario. Once was a craft when I was 14 and then three neon blue orbs free flying in front of my parked vehicle, I was 28 then.
    I’m just sharing to see if you have any insights or something, I am not sure why I just keep searching for answers that aren’t there.

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