T. Townsend Brown

I have decided to include a link on the sidebar to a website that revolves around T. Townsend Brown and the subject of controlling gravity. I don’t know if there is any information of scientific merit on the site but at the very least it’s interesting from a historical perspective.

I have related before my experience and details of the apparatus I saw. It is my believe that there exists some relationship between the electromagnetic force, inertia, gravity, and time. I’m always looking for clues that might help me to understand this relationship.

It is my belief that understanding the relationship between electromagnetism, inertia, gravity, and time would allow us to provide for our energy needs without creating global warming, producing nuclear waste, or releasing toxic substance into our environment. It would provide the means to eliminate poverty globally and allow us to become a space faring race.

T. Townsend Brown attempted to explore this relationship, however, I am at this point not certain whether he explored anything beyond simple ion wind.

If you take an asymmetrical capacitor, one in which one electrode is large and one is small, and you place a high voltage charge on this capacitor such that the positive charge is applied to the small electrode, and the voltage is around 10kv / cm, just short of breaking down the air between them, the device will generate thrust in the direction of the positive electrode.

This effect may be explained by simple ion wind. There is a high voltage gradient at the positive electrode. This causes electrons to be stripped from the atoms of air and makes them into positive ions. Given that they are now ions, they are attracted to the negative electrode and accelerated in that direction. The law of equal and opposite reactions then accelerates the device, the asymmetrical capacitor towards the positive electrode.

Certainly ion wind at least plays a part in the operation of this device. The question is whether or not it is the only source of thrust. There are at least two ways to test this. One is to enclose the entire apparatus in a plastic bag so that one can then determine if there is any net thrust on the entire system. The other method would be to test the device in a vacuum.

Many people have done both tests and the results of both have been inconclusive, there are people who claim successful operation in a vacuum and in a plastic bag. There are people who claim a plastic bag or a vacuum negates the effect. I haven’t been able to find any solid credible references to either.

Was T. Townsend Brown on to anything important? I don’t know. I do know he spent much of his life doing secret government research. Whether or not that involved any sort of gravity manipulation I do not know.

If anyone has been involved in any work that attempts to scientifically examine the Biefeld-Brown effect, I would be very much interested in hearing from you.

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