Area 51

I ran across this video that seems mostly sensationalist nothing.

However, I was curious what could be seen from the satellite images on Google. One of the things that is interesting is that you can readily see the nuclear test sites. Holes with roads leading up to them and huge radial stress fractures leading out in all directions for some distance. It gives you an idea of just how much energy was released in those nuclear explosions.

Then I stumbled across Nellis Air Force Base and something puzzling and out of ordinary on the base. Check out this link to a location on Nellis Air Force Range on Google maps. Just what are those five dark rectangular objects with the funky glowing stuff in them? I have never seen anything this dark on a satellite image on Google. Really fresh black top might look that dark, but then what of the weird colorful bright stuff in the middle?

Overall what is most interesting is how restricted this data is not. For the most part most of the area is covered by the second highest resolution satellite imagery that Google has anywhere. Seems kind of strange for what is supposed to be a super-secret base.

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