Another Accidental UFO Photo!

Now this is high strangeness. Friday, I discovered a UFO in a photo I had taken last August that I hadn’t noticed at the time.

Monday (today) three days later I took some photos down at Richmond Beach, and one I took looking north, past Edmonds, and again, I didn’t see it when I was there, I just took a picture of some beach houses in the orange sky as the sun was heading down.

I get back, and after viewing them on the computer, what do I see? Another UFO that looks incredibly similar to the one I photographed last August in approximately the same location.

Like the one back in August, this has a roughly spherical appearance and was very close in color and brightness to the sky.

At first I thought this is probably just an ordinary airplane so far away that it’s only exposing a couple of pixels and it’s shape can’t be made out. But then I compared similar sized features near and on the beach house and the resolution is good enough that it should have been possible to make out the shape of an airplane if that’s what this was.

Click for higher resolution.
Beach House UFO

Full camera resolution of the UFO.
Beach House UFO

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